Writing content is easy. However, writing content that converts website visitors into leads, prospects and sales is a different story. As large corporations with deep pockets widen their SEO advantage via AI and machine learning technologies, small businesses will have to work smarter to stay relevant.

For the most part, content remains one of the best ways to get the SEO job done. Here you’ll learn some SEO tips for writing content that gets you better results in less time.

Be proactive

One way to get better results for your content is to time it right. For example, you know when summer’s coming, so you’ll want to publish content about air conditioner repair before people start realizing their system broke over the winter.

Publishing timely content is one of the most productive SEO strategies out there. So, make a list of time-sensitive events that can affect your business and get your content published so you can get them hooked early. For these pages, address the issue at hand first and then make your sales pitch.

Make sense

You’ve been there, haven’t you? You need to solve a problem, but when you arrive on a landing page, you have to sift through all sorts of flowery language, irrelevant material and gibberish before finding the answer that you want.

Make your content get results by making sense. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and publish what you’d like to see if you were them. Be concise, stay focused on your topic. Make it short and sweet and your readers will convert.

Vary keywords

Let’s face it. If you pay attention to SEO news, you know that everyone has access to AdWords’ keyword research tools. They all know what the best keywords are. Meanwhile, people searching for answers will probably grow weary of clicking on one keyword-optimized site after another without finding the information they need.

So, think outside the box. Avoid the most popular keywords and their associated “spaminess.” Rather than announcing that you’re the best at what you do, publish valuable content that proves it. When you do you’ll build the authority of your brand and earn sales.

As you put the above tips, you’ll probably get other ideas for “breaking the mold” and writing content that gets the results that you deserve. So, get started right away.

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