Our Process

Define Goals

Today’s advertising dollar must deliver much more than it has in the past. Once you put that valued advertising dollar out there to work…you should expect it to multiply and do its job several times over. Your advertising dollar is just like any other invested money. The idea is to put your advertising dollar out there once and have it bring in more revenue which in turn generates another level of revenue which brings in…you get the picture.

Having someone in the driver’s seat that knows social media activities inside and out will help multiply your advertising dollars. That’s why choosing Social Blurb Media is the wise choice for your business.

Our system has proven itself and we surpass our competition by a wide range. We dig deeper and go further with what you’re probably already using. Everything from business reviews to complaints and requests for information are all used by us to generate increased business. You’ll watch your profit margin rise based on the feedback we supply you with on a constant basis.


Staying in touch with your customer’s ideas is a vital connection that must be maintained. We give you the advantage of being that fly on the wall; listening in on what your customers have to say about working with your business or organization. As their concerns arise on the various social media sources, you can be making the needed changes so that you don’t lose those valuable customers. Social Blurb Media stays on top of those comments for you so it’s not “something extra” for you to babysit. We know that you don’t have the time to constantly check your social stats so Social Blurb Media does it for you. We become that invisible employee who has your best interest in mind 24/7. You won’t find us standing around the water cooler or calling in sick either. We will become one of your most valuable assets in the growth and outreach of your business.

Build Community

After listening to what people are saying, you want to connect with them. Before you can communicate, engage or solve their problems, you have to have an audience. You want to build a community of like-minded individuals made up of current customers and those who want to become users of your product or services.


Your business name, brand and services must remain before the buying public in every way possible. When a prospective customer goes online, we want them to see YOUR BUSINESS NAME and what you have to offer at the top of any list that might appear before them. As you know, most people never go to the second or third pages in a Google or Yahoo search. When your business in listed on the lower pages, you’re giving away business to your competition on a day to day basis and for that, your competitor says “Thanks!”


Everyday, people talk about their business experiences, regardless of whether the leaders of that business hear about it or not. That’s why it’s so important for you to be able to listen in on what’s being said about your area of business. You’ll know what you can do to improve, where to pull back and…more importantly, you’ll hear about what customers are saying about your competition. Whenever your competition mentions YOUR BUSINESS, you’ll also know about it.


There are millions of potential customers that are searching for a business such as yours. First you must capture their attention and tell them what you offer. The interaction you provide for those prospective customers determines whether they become loyal customers or move on to one of your competitors. The experts at Social Blurb Media will help you capture those prospects and show them why your business is their best choice.


So, how do we know that it’s working? The reality of any business requires a return on investment. The goal for measuring your customer activity is the same. You must align your strategic business objectives to the operation metric. That’s what we do. We combine the qualitative as well as the quantitative actionable metrics to improve that customer engagement process.

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